SAINT JAMES Fall-Winter collection reveals itself through three themes created by our designers.

Starting with the Notting Hill theme, marine basics transcend the classical styles for a more city look. With colourblock, jacquard and tartan knits in black, cherry and winter white, the signature colours of this theme, the SAINT JAMES silhouette graphically reinvents itself with elegance and authenticity.

The Second theme celebrates the Fall Season and its shimmering and bright colours. Inspired by the cheerfulness of these colourful shades, our designers choosed soft, warm fabrics so you can brave the cold in style. Unique knitting, exclusive prints and seasonal iconic stripes.

Ever mindful of its origins (the wind, the sand, the horizon, the blue of the sky and the sea), the SAINT JAMES spirit will always be nautical as the third theme of this new collection. It is inspired by authentic materials from a natural, simple and real environment. There are peacoats, striped tops and sweaters, present, dependable, essential, timeless but dyed in unusual colours and featuring looser, more subtle cuts.

A new way of life, a new dress code, new references. Women’s, men’s or unisex, all SAINT JAMES styles assert themselves and claim the spirit of freedom. Fashionable clothing that will leave timeless memories in your photos.

Autumn Winter  2020


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