Take to the seas to reach other oceans

Brightness in Winter

This year, the Autumn-Winter Saint James collection reveals itself through three themes created by our designers. The British Green theme draws its inspiration from the great outdoors, in the windswept wilds by the sea. A nod to Scotland, Saint James classics are being reinvented in front of the sea. Anchored in nature's brightest offerings, the collection is infused with the colour amber and reveals an authentic sailor silhouette. A Scandinavian inspiration illuminates our second theme. By using subtle, bright shades and clothes that are comfy and elegant, the Fjord theme draws a refined marine style. After enjoying the fresh air, the Winter Evening theme sends us joyfully back inside our cosy home. The "Pavillon red" and captivating colours light up this new collection. Through graphical jacquards and knit effects the marine wardrobe is being reinvented with elegance. The Autumn-Winter collection inspired by the sea.

Autumn Winter 2019


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